Germany: Readymade Company

Sometimes things need to move quickly. A contract needs to be concluded urgently or an important customer requires a German company as an invoicing party: In the business world, there will always be situations where even business people who plan cautiously need a viable German legal structure “yesterday”.

For people in a hurry

The process of founding a company in Germany takes time. Until a company has been registered everywhere it needs to be and the VAT number – often so urgently required – is available, four public authorities and institutions need to be involved consecutively. If this has been achieved within four weeks, you have had exceptional luck. We have also seen cases where it has taken six months.

Not all companies have that kind of time, or they just do not want to wait. There is where our „Fasttrack Germany“ offer comes in handy. With a readymade company, you can take action immediately.

You benefit from the swift ownership of a German company that has not conducted any previous business activities and that has fully paid, untouched share capital.

With a readymade company, founding is a simple process and, if you require help setting up the company structure after you have purchased your company, our experienced network of banks, notaries, and lawyers and accountants is there to help you.

Your company,
our expertise

Our network comprises notaries, accountants and banks that have been tried and tested over a period of years and in many hundreds of company foundings

Because if you need things to move quickly, factors such as tried and tested communication channels are what make the difference.

Our approach

  • 1. Before purchasing

    Our customers are generally in a hurry. But especially if the company in question is going to be your first company in Germany, we advise that you take a little time before you make your decision to become more familiar with the ownership structure, governance etc. of a German company. This can save you a lot of money later on. We take time to talk with our prospective clients about the most important things – but, of course, only if they so desire.

    You reserve a company, send us the necessary information (for example, the name of the CEO) and pay us the full purchase price (EUR 1,700 fee + EUR 300 share capital) in advance. You can also pay this amount into a notary account if you like and pay the applicable fee.

    You choose any notary you desire and coordinate the appointment yourself, or we can assume this task for you at no extra cost. Appointments can usually be realised within one to three days.

  • 2. Purchasing

    You acquire an UG (Unternehmergesellschaft (limited liability)), which has been entered in the commercial register and registered officially as a Readymade company with the tax office, which means that it has a tax number. The company has not conducted any previous business. You will see that only bank fees have been deducted from the company’s bank account. The full share capital is available upon purchase. Because our companies are officially registered as readymade companies, you do not have a VAT number.

    The advantage of an UG is its low share capital. This also keeps our fees and the notary’s fees low. If you require a GmbH instead of an UG, the notary can certify it during the same purchasing appointment – the UG becomes a GmbH.

    If this needs to happen quickly, the future managing director must be present during the appointment with the notary. In contrast, it is not as important for the purchaser and the vendor of the company to be present.

    We recommend the participation of a tax accountant at the notary appointment. He or she will have already prepared the documents that the new CEO must sign in order to receive a VAT number as soon as possible, and he or she will submit the necessary application forms to the authorities that same day.

  • 3. After purchasing

    Immediately after the appointment with the notary, you will have a registered German company and can use it to conclude business transactions.

    A tax accountant from our network will be happy to take on the task of activating a VAT signal and issuing a VAT number if you so desire.

    We are happy to help you to take over the bank account, as well as with any other questions that you might have during the process.

Road map to purchasing a readymade company

Information and reservation

You register with us and reserve a readymade company. If you are doing this for the first time, you should take approx. one hour to familiarise yourself with the information – especially if you are in a hurry!

Contracts and inspection

We exchange the information necessary for the contracts. You inspect all the financial accounting for the company since its founding. We arrange an appointment with the notary and the vendor.

Purchasing the company

You purchase the company during the notary appointment. The appointment can take place anywhere in Germany. It is important that the new CEO attends the appointment.

Acting with your company

Straight after the notary appointment, you can do business with the company. We will also continue to help you, for example, during the handover of the company’s bank account.


You probably still have some questions. Call us or write us an email. We will be happy to talk with you about the quickest way to create the optimal framework for your project in Germany on the phone or over Skype, or during a meeting in our Flensburg offices.

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